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Member Spotlight:

Treasurer Enrico Varricchio



29717 Euclid Ave. Wickliffe, OH. 44092

Uda’s parents were Peter and Dorothea Cappellino. They were from Campabello, Sicily. They moved to the U.S. in 1910.


Enrico was born in Euclid in 1958.  He attended Wickliffe High School where he played for their football team. His siblings include: Maria, Rosemary, Doreen, Michael and Steven. He is currently the CFO of Fusion Inc. in Willoughby.


His wife of 32 years is Marissa (DeSantis). They have three sons: Domenic, Nicholas and Vincent. Her parents are Robert and Eleanor of Willoughby. Her grandparents were Andrew and Helen Mayger and Nancy and Joseph DeSantis.


Enrico’s grandparents were Carmine and Angela (Giadiello) Varricchio from San Leucio, Italy, near Naples. He was a crane operator for the railroads.


Asked about his feelings towards the club as a new member, “I waited anxiously for few years to join and was truly excited when Steve Silvaroli sponsored me in 2012.” He wanted to reconnect with his heritage and Wickliffe friends. He feels at home at club meetings with members Steve, Vince Laurie, Lester and Vinny Latessa, Frank DiCillo and Russell Meraglio. He and his wife enjoy the many club socials.


When he joined he was on the Grounds Committee and continues to help out at the annual Cleveland Challenge Cup of Bocce Tournament.




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Club Events

Enrico & Marissa

Little did the Wickliffe Italian-American Club members realize what a treasur(er) they had in four-year member Enrico Varricchio. A Bowling Green State University graduate with a B.A. in accounting, Enrico took over the treasurer’s position on the Board of Directors this year following Chris Brassell.


Enrico’s parents, Enrico and Uda, were born in Meadville Pennsylvania.  Upon moving to Euclid, Ohio, he was the owner of The Party Shoppe, a beverage store. Uda remained a housewife until the children were in school.

Enrico & his wife Marissa

1st Annual I&A Scholarship Fund Wine Tasting and Competition

On April 9th our Scholarship Committee hosted their 1st Annual Wine Tasting & Competition at the Italian – American Club Small Hall in Wickliffe.  The event was the brainchild of and organized by committee members Steve Tripepi, Bill Hawkins, Tom Tripepi, and John DeAngelo, as well as completely staffed by Club and Auxiliary members.


The number of presenters allowed for this year was cut off at 25 and there were well over 100 attendees.  A great success for our first year!


Winners were chosen by popular vote in the following categories, red, white, blush, and professional.  Tickets were $12 presale and $15 at the door – it included unlimited wine samples, an amazing array of heavy hors d'oeuvres.  Beer, wine, pop, and food were also available for purchase.


Our friends at Alesci’s supported us with authentic Italian meats and cheeses – members of the Ladies Auxiliary, not only ran our kitchen, they ran all of our prep work and cooked the rest of the food.


The event was casual and fun, new friends and old friends sat back and enjoyed some amazing homemade wines, ate sausage sandwiches, and listened to the musical talents of Bobby Leach.


All proceeds are going to the support the Wickliffe I&A Scholarship Fund, Inc., which provides thousands of dollars of scholarships annually to deserving high school graduates who are of Italian descent and have ancestral ties to Wickliffe.


To all those who came to this event THANK YOU!  If you were not able to make it this year, keep an eye out next year!


Steve Tripepi, Chairman

Wickliffe, I&A Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Minadeo’s Food and Faith

Served Wickliffe Well

Pasqualina (Vitantonio) Minadeo aka “Lena” and her husband, John, opened one of the first grocery stores and facilitated the first Catholic Church services in the city in Wickliffe.


Lena married John Minadeo in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1900, they built two buildings along Euclid Avenue in Wickliffe. These buildings were meant for residence and businesses. The first business would become Minadeo’s Grocery Store, run by Lena.


Since the Village didn’t have a Catholic Church in the early 1900’s Lena allowed the first Masses held in the storefront of the other residence at 29526 Euclid Avenue. Fr. Nash traveled from Immaculate Conception Church on the streetcar from Willoughby to say Mass each Sunday. These buildings were meant for the children's security and are still standing.


Pasqualina was born in Ripalimosani province of Campobasso, Italy in March 1883. Pasqualina (Lena) came to the United States when she was eight years old in 1891. The family settled in the Village of Wickliffe. Life was difficult as there weren’t the modern improvements such as paved roads, cars, furnaces, plumbing, or electricity. They boiled water to wash their clothes. She traveled in a horse-drawn surrey.


In 1928, John Minadeo passed away, leaving Lena with six children, Jessie, Carrie, Dominic, Frances, Antoinette and Helen.

Their oldest, Jesse, married Joseph Pucella, who was one of the charter members of the Wickliffe I&A Club. Helen the youngest sibling joined the Women’s Reserve of the U. S. Coast Guard, which was officially nicknamed the “SPARs”. The SPARS Reserve unit was first established in 1942. A total of 978 women officers and over 11,000 enlisted women served in the SPARs during the War.



Lena supported her family in many ways. She operated the grocery store in the front of the building. She had an outdoor oven built in the backyard where she baked bread and sold it in the grocery store. She also had a winery in the backyard where she pressed grapes, and with the help of Dominic, sold the juice to wine makers. Lena also used the second floor of the grocery store as a party center, which she rented out for parties.


Lena bought a black Cadillac which did double duty.... she used the car to go to the West Side Market to buy supplies for the store and she also rented it out for funerals. According to family members, Lena was a very courageous woman and was the first woman to drive in Wickliffe.


Lena Minadeo passed away in 1960.



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