Team Limit Increased for 2017 Bocce Tournament


The Pat O’Brien Chevrolet Cleveland Challenge Cup of Bocce is going to 104 teams for 2017!

This change will come with some added guidelines:
1) ALL teams will need to arrive, ready to play their scheduled game :45 minutes prior to scheduled start time. This has been our biggest issue the past couple of years and has prevented us from expanding. If your court is called and you are NOT compliant with this rule, there will be consequences.

2) The following start times: Friday (6:00pm); Saturday (8:00am); and Sunday (9:15am), if your team is not here and checked in 30 minutes prior to scheduled time, AND ready to play, we will start the :15 minute clock and a forfeit will occur.

3) We will be sending periodic updates via social media regarding how far ahead or behind we are. We recommend you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or other types of social media. All that detailed information will be available at the check-in desk and your team gift bag will also have information on staying connected.

This is a HUGE step for us and it is only successful if everyone cooperates. Keeping the games flowing is our job, showing up to play on time is yours….

Thanks and we hope everyone has a safe trip to our venue…See you at the Tournament!

2017 CCCoB Tournament Committee