Clambake and Fall Celebration

Mario DiNero supervises the clambake.

When the leaves begin to change color, diehard fans dream of Cleveland

Browns’ victories, and the Cleveland Indians are in the playoffs, we know fall has arrived in Northeast Ohio.  Another sure sign of fall is the arrival of Clambake Season. The Cleveland style clambake is different from those held in costal regions where they cook on a beach in fire pits with seaweed. Here we toss everything into one pot and steam it.

This year’s I&A Club Clambake was organized by Mario DiNero, entertainment chairman.  The annual event was held on Saturday, October 7 at the club’s outdoor party center and picnic grounds (which are also available for rental).

About 120 members, spouses and guests enjoyed a traditional Cleveland-style feast including clams, chicken, corn, sweet potatoes and coleslaw. After dinner, many attendees took advantage of our beautifully groomed bocce courts to challenge friends and test their skills.